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"The Adventures of Gavazn" is a captivating comic series consisting of five albums created by Iranian/Canadian cartoonist Dariush Ramezani. Remarkably, this series is the sole comic series in Iran that is written in Gilaki, a Caspian language belonging to the northwestern Iranian language branch, primarily spoken in Iran's Guilan Province.

“Gavazn”, which translates to reindeer in Persian, made his debut as a character in a short comic strip series featured in the Humour & Caricature magazine. Gavazn's antics graced the pages of this renowned monthly publication for over 130 issues from 2001 to 2012. The immense popularity of the character inspired Dariush to compile a comic book album centred around Gavazn. In 2014, the first album, titled "The Adventures of Gavazn: Gavazn in Rasht," was published by Nashr-e-Farhang-e-Illia, an Iranian publishing house. It swiftly gained widespread acclaim, establishing itself as a beloved book.

The protagonist of this series is Gavazn, an ordinary individual with a reindeer's head, embarking on humour-filled adventures alongside his friends. What sets this series apart is not only its endearing characters and comedic narratives but also the expressive and clear artistic style of Dariush. These stories blend slapstick humour, swashbuckling escapades, and elements of fantasy, all conveyed in the endangered Gilaki language, thereby preserving and celebrating this linguistic heritage.

Each album in "The Adventure of Gavazn" series comprises a total of 50 letter-sized pages, making for an engaging and substantial reading experience.

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